Advantage of switchable CCT downlight.

Advantage of switchable CCT downlight.
Nowdays, swithcable CCT downlight is getting increasing popular in Europe market. Many wholesaler have a version for optional. But why is it necessary and what’s the advantage ?

Changing the colour temperature is done differently on each downlight. Some CCT downlights are adjusted by small dip switches that are located either on the front (under the bezel), or on the back of the downlight, or on the driver box. The dip switch design should be called CCT select-able.

Depending on your main reason for wanting a downlight that changes in colour temperature;  you may find that downlights with switches located on the back have a design flaw. So its important to understand what you’re ordering.

The ones with switches on the back and drivers are flawed as it’s unlikely you’re going to want to remove them from the ceiling to change the temperature, especially if you’ve got lots in a room. They would only be beneficial for users who are unsure about which colour temperature to choose at the ordering stage. Users who want to edge their bets by installing something that contains everything. Or if you think you might want to make a change every few years, or possibly for rented accommodation.

Even the versions with switches located on the front aren’t always ideal as you’ve still got to get the step ladders out, remove the bezels and change each light. Then repeat this process every time you want to make a change, with each downlight in the room.

If you plan to change the colour temperature regularly then I would recommend choosing one that can be changed by a wall switch or remote control, which is controllable by switching an ordinary light switch or by ordering an additional remote control.

Advantages of CCT downlight

The main advantages of CCT adjustable lights are that you’re not stuck with one colour temperature and you can change it depending on the function of the room.  Providing you with the flexibility to make a change whenever you want to. Without needing any electricians and without any additional costs!

You may have cool white in your kitchen but are having guests around and would prefer to switch to something warmer? You may have a home office with cool white but want to be more relaxed to encourage those creative juices to flow under a warmer setting? Or maybe the kids won’t wake up in the mornings so you switch to daylight 6500K and set it to full brightness?

Sometime in the future you might have plans to redecorate your living room and go from an ordinary, homely ambient tone to something whiter and more modern.  Rather than replacing all of your lights to keep up with their new environment, you just change their colour temperature and keep them. Providing you with an instant, new tone of light. Or maybe you change the colour temperature and you hate it? Just switch it back, no expense and no dramas.

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