How do smart lights work?

What is smart lights ?

The word “SMART” in technology refers to “self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology.” Smart technology does allow the lighting fixtures in your home to increase their scope and functionality. At the most basic level, smart lighting systems can be controlled remotely, most often via an app that you operate on your smartphone or computer. For this to work, smart lighting generally relies on different types of wireless transmissions to send and receive their signals. Smart lighting can connect to your smart home hub via built-in Wi-Fi radios to connect directly with your router or Bluetooth connectivity.

Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology.

The initial investment cost to install smart lights for homes or offices is high. But smart lights offer the following benefits compared to conventional lights:

Saves Electricity

Users can set schedules, control brightness, and control smart lights remotely. Some smart lights can be controlled depending on occupancy as well. All of these features save electricity and reduce cost.

User Convenience

When you wake up at night to go to the kitchen or somewhere else. Motion-based smart lights can detect motion and turn on automatically. This improves the user experience.

Remotely Controlled

A user can control a connected smart lighting system remotely. For example, if you are out of the city and want to turn on lights. It’s possible with a smart lighting system.

User Customization

Most smart bulbs available in the market have features to change intensity and color. Therefore users can set the light color and intensity according to their needs.

Communication Technologies used in Smart Lighting System.

Following communication technologies are used to connect smart lighting system with the internet or smartphone and control remotely.

1. Wi-Fi Connected Smart Lighting System

Wi-Fi based smart lights are connected to the internet using Wi-Fi routers and can be controlled remotely. But they can not be controlled if an internet connection is not available.

2. Bluetooth Connected Smart Lights

Bluetooth-based smart lights can create a mesh network and can be controlled using BLE-enabled smartphones. To control Bluetooth-based smart lights remotely, a Bluetooth Hub is required. Bluetooth hub is used to connect Bluetooth-connected devices to the internet.

3. ZigBee / Z-Wave Connected Smart Lighting System

Similar to Bluetooth based lights. ZigBee and Z-wave based smart lights also create a mesh network. But they can not be controlled without Hub. To control them ZigBee / Z-Wave Hub is mandatory.

How Do Smart Lights Work?

According to user requirements, a smart lighting system can be controlled in the following three different ways.

• Mobile apps and Voice Assistants.

• Motion Detection

Working of Smart lights using Mobile Apps / Voice Assistant

As shown in the above image, according to the type of technology used in the lighting system. Smart lights are controlled using smartphone apps or smart voice assistants by connecting them to the internet or Bluetooth via a smart hub, gateway, or directly.

How do smart lights work?

Working of Motion Sensing Smart Lights

In this smart lights are connected with motion sensors using wired or wireless connection. When the motion sensor detects motion. It sends a signal to HUB or directly to a smart bulb to turn on.

How do smart lights work?
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